Guardians of Haven - Mobile - Android/IOS

Guardians of Haven was a mobile game consisting of 3 game types. A First Person Shooter, City Builder and a Combat Army that was all tied together through story. This page is to highlight just some of the work I contributed to this project.




Kendall was one of the main heroes involved in story telling and featured in the City building portion of the game.

Maya render of high-rez model made in zbrush

Real time, low poly Model showing diffuse colours and wireframe created in maya and substance painter




City-Sim Workers

In-game city sim characters, multiple outfits for character variation.



Character Exploration

Character Style and Look development. from very early on in the project

High poly, Low poly, textures and renders by me.

Original 2d Concepts were by Jordan Zaz and Darren Tibbles


FPS -Weapons



Created for First Person Shooter part of game

Grey scale high-rez models made in zbrush

Real time, low poly Models created in Maya and textured Substance painter.

Each weapon type was made to run on a single rig so all animations could be re-used



Assault Rifles.




Cross Bows






Sniper Rifles.