Personal Work


This page is dedicated to my personal work. Most of it will be studies and quick sketches, these projects are created for the practice of learning and keeping up with new techniques and software.



Annabelle Jones

Anabelle Jones was part of an Artstation Challenge that I participated in. Original 2d concept art by the amazing Vlad Gheneli.
I really liked the concept and story for her and want to push myself to bring her to life. She has been a great learning opportunity already with getting super highrez disaplacement seamlessly across 10 Udim's at 8k each, about 160 Million pollies in Zbrush for her body alone.
A long way to go with her!

Old Man

This head started out as just a quick zbrush head sketch from memory and decided to take it further to learn and study the new randomwalk sss shader in Arnold and learn abit about Xgen. This displays some of the progression and refinemment as i went along



Female Character Costume Design

Real time Model

I started this project a long time ago and decided to dust it off and get it finished. She originally started as an anatomy practice, and was used to keep up to date with new techniques and practice for real time art.

Original concept design is by 

This project was created in Zbrush for sculpting hi-res mesh, Maya for lowpoly, Marvelous for some cloth and substance painter for the textures and materials and rendered in Marmoset.


Xayah Bloodmoon

This is my take on Xayah. A character from Riot League of legends
for the Polycount Riot Art contest. This is my vision for her Bloodmoon themed skin, was allot of fun designing her!

Her final polycount is about 17k tri's and a 2k diffuse map.

Currently working on her rig to pose and animate her




I created this realistic eye to test the new Arnold 5 shaders and textures from xyz.

created with subsurface materials and 2 models, 1 for outer eye and 1 for iris, the outer shell has a ramp node to control when it transitions from skin to transparent sclera.